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General FAQ
We try to respond to all emails/messages in a timely matter. Since we are crafters oftentimes we are busy making your lovely orders vs. sitting in front of the computer. You will get a response within 48 hours Monday- Friday. Most of the time the answers will be in this FAQ or description. Thank you



Please note ALL collars will go through regular wear and tear. Depending on your location of climate, and your dog's body chemistry there are many factors that will contribute to the normal wear and tear. All collars will need to be replaced at some point, there are no collars that can last a lifetime. Our warranty will cover anything within 30 days if it is a manufacturing defect but it will not cover any wear and tear you will have over time. Please note we offer different types of collars, our most durable collars will be water-resistant webbing with stainless steel hardware. This collection will be great for dogs that are active, and beach lovers but also will take longer to tear over time even with regular activities. Our other collars such as fabric/velvet will be more delicate for more of the indoor dogs that are not as active or you would like those to be fashion collars. Since cotton collars are made from cotton the material will have wear and tear easier. Please note the warranty does not cover tie-outs and excessive pulling from the dog. Collars breaking from tie outs, chewed buckles, or left on while crated is not covered. Please note this is also very dangerous. Be sure to remove the collars while not being supervised. 

Please add 2" to the actual collar size when ordering. For example: if your dog measures 12” add 2” to that measurement to 14” and you would pick a collar where that number lands in the middle. If you are unsure just reach out! We are happy to help!

Available Collar Width Sizes:


Collar Lengths

For regular collars. Please note Fi sizing is different, you can find this on the listing of the collar you are looking at. 

Medium 12"-16"
Large 17"-20"
Extra Large 18"-26"

Since all dogs are different- please be sure to measure and know the width that your dog wears. You can print out this PDF and cut them out and have it next to your dog's neck and determine which is the best width along with the size. Please double check and be certain when doing this since no returns are allowed. 

How To Measure Your Pet's Neck

You will need a soft measuring tape to measure your pet's neck. You can usually purchase one at the grocery store in the sewing isle, dollar store or Joanne's. Please allow 2 fingers to slip underneath the measuring tape.

Here's a video showing you how: Watch here

Production and Shipping

Please note that production time and shipping time is completely different. Production time to make your order takes 7-14 business days ( not including holidays or weekends).  Shipping time with USPS is usually around 3-5 days not including the time they need to process the shipment on their end. Once the shipment is dropped off at the Post Office I have no control over the items.

Handmade items: eco canvas collars, water resistant collars, leashes, Fi add on to harnesses, Fi collars

Ready to ship within 1-3 days: adventure bandanas, Easy click N go harness, poop bag holders, belt bags, no poo left behind, dog toys, stickers 

International Shipping

We ship worldwide (yay!) International shipping will take longer depending on where you are in the world. The buyer is responsible for any customs fees. Customs clearing time can range please be advised that I cannot do anything on my end to check. The buyer will have to contact your local post office and check.

Where is my order?

Your order was given a tracking number for the USPS. Please search your email for this information before reaching out.


Discount Back Tracking 

We are not able to back discount. For example if you made a purchase one day and you see a day another day. We cannot apply that discount, unfortunately this is not fair for others. 

Care Instructions

Fabric Collars- we only recommend washing if needed by hand would be the best for a long-lasting collar. If you need to put it in the washer please use a laundry bag and on a low cycle. Lay flat to dry.

For All Other Collars-

For light - mid stains soak for a few hours in warm water with a dye free detergent. Lay flat to dry indoors.

 For heavy stains- place the collar in a mesh laundry bag. Wash with dye free detergent on low cycle. Remove from mesh bag and lay flat to dry indoors. 



 For light-mid stains soak for a few hours in warm water with a dye-free detergent. Lay flat to dry indoors.


For heavy stains- place the collar in a mesh laundry bag. Wash with dye-free detergent on a low cycle. Remove from mesh bag and lay flat to dry indoors. 

Please remove your Fi trackers if you have the Fi-compatible harness. 




Cancellation is only allowed within 24 hours of purchase. 


Please note products such as the explorer packs, the webbing maybe different with the matching leash/collar. They are printed in two different print manufactures so the colors will be slightly different.