Are Your Dog Collars Chew Proof?

Are Your Dog Collars Chew Proof?

Imagine a dog collar that can withstand even the toughest chewers. While we can't promise a miracle, we're here to share valuable tips on how to prevent collar chewing and keep your pup's accessories in tip-top shape.

Featured: Milly is wearing the Mt. Millicent ( Named after Milly express from Brighton Ski Resort. She is wearing the wide width dog collar in 1.5" in a large) 

Preventing Unsupervised Collar Access:
Did you know that leaving your furry friend's collar on while unsupervised can lead to accidents and potential choking hazards? The collar and dog tag can get caught in crates and air vents, which can also cause other hazards. Not cool! That's why we recommend removing their collar when they're home alone. It's a simple step that ensures their safety and gives you peace of mind.

Addressing Chewing Behaviors:
If your pup has a knack for nibbling on their collar, fear not! Seeking help from a professional trainer who specializes in behavior issues can work wonders. They'll provide expert guidance to redirect those chewy tendencies and offer alternative activities to keep your furry friend happily occupied. So that you get to buy nice things for your pups. 

The Importance of Proper Fit:
Finding the perfect fit is vital in preventing collar chewing. A collar that's too loose is an open invitation for those mischievous teeth, while a tight one can cause discomfort. We recommend a snug, yet comfortable fit that allows you to slide two fingers underneath for a little wiggle room. It's the sweet spot for a happy, chew-free collar experience. Here's a video on how to measure your dog's neck properly.  

Discover Our Durable Solutions:
Although a truly chew-proof collar remains elusive, we've got you covered with our durable options. Our collection boasts quick-release buckles made from heavy-duty webbing, designed to withstand your pup's adventures while providing convenience and style. Take a peek at our range of collars, and you're sure to find one that suits your furry friend's needs. Wildside Dog Collar 

While we can't promise a collar that's indestructible, we can help you prevent collar chewing and maintain durability. By avoiding unsupervised collar access, seeking professional assistance for chewing behaviors, and ensuring a proper fit, you're on the right track to keep your pup's collar in pristine condition. Let's keep your four-legged friend safe, stylish, and collar-chew free on all their exciting adventures!

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