Lifetime Warranty

Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

At Wildside Dog Gear, we have full confidence in the quality of our products, which is why we proudly offer a lifetime warranty on all items. We are committed to replacing, free of charge, any manufacturing or workmanship defects found in buckles, hardware, construction, and more for the entire lifespan of our products. Please note that the term "lifetime" refers to the product's lifespan, not yours or ours.

Exceptions to our warranty coverage include:

  • Covered:
    • Manufacturing or workmanship defects
  • Not Covered:
    • Sun damage (prolonged exposure may cause discoloration and tearing)
    • Accidental damage (lost/stolen, snagged, run over, or chewed)
    • Improper care or use (such as tie-outs, gear getting caught in crates, or air vents)
    • Normal wear and tear

To file a Warranty Claim, please email us at with the following details:

  • Order Number or store you bought it from with the date
  • Name
  • Photos of the damaged product

We appreciate your trust in our products and are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

Thank you,

Wildside Dog Gear