See It in Action: Our Hands-Free Leash in a Live Demo

See It in Action: Our Hands-Free Leash in a Live Demo

Walking your dog can be an enjoyable bonding experience, but managing a leash while keeping both hands free can be tricky. That's where our innovative hands-free leash comes into play. In this hands-on demonstration, we'll walk you through four creative ways to use our hands-free leash, showcasing its versatility and convenience. Whether you prefer the leash around your waist, crossbody, as a handle, or for short tethering, we've got you covered. Our hands-free leash will make your walks and adventures so much more enjoyable! 

1. Around the Waist: Hands-Free Freedom

hands free leash for dog walking demo, around the waist handsfree leash

Method: Secure the leash around your waist, allowing for a bit more slack.

One of the most popular ways to use our hands-free leash is by wearing it around your waist. This method offers a hands-free experience, allowing you to enjoy the walk without worrying about holding a leash. The slight slack provided by this technique offers flexibility and comfort for both you and your dog.


2. Crossbody Convenience: Hook and Go

demo on handsfree leash being worn cross body

Method: Cross the leash across your body and hook it to the adjustable slider.

When you need your dog close by and under control, the crossbody method is perfect. Simply cross the leash across your body and secure it using the adjustable slider. This technique is ideal for busy streets or crowded areas where keeping your dog close is a priority.

3. Make a Handle: Grab and Go

showing how to use handsfree leash by making a handle


Our hands-free leash is not just about going hands-free; it's also versatile enough to become a regular leash when needed. When you need more control, or you encounter situations where it's best to hold your dog close, use the leash as a handle for a secure and comfortable grip.

4. Traffic Handle: Keep Your Dogs Close and Secure

traffic handle on handsfree leash demo

Method: Utilize the traffic handle for extra control in high-traffic situations.

 Our hands-free leash is designed with a built-in traffic handle, which is a short loop located near the collar attachment point. This feature is particularly useful when you need to keep your dogs close and secure in crowded or busy areas. It offers a firm grip and extra control, ensuring your dogs stay right by your side, even in challenging situations. The traffic handle is perfect for safely navigating through bustling streets or when you encounter unexpected obstacles during your walks or hikes.

5. Short Tethering: For Quick Pit Stops

Method: Use the leash to tether your dog to a stationary object (not for tie-outs). Use one end of the hook to hook onto something and the other hook for your dog's collar/leash. 

When you need to make a quick pit stop during your walk, our hands-free leash can also come in handy. Tether your dog to a stationary object like a bench or pole, allowing you to take care of business while keeping your dog secure.

girl in black dress demoing a handsfree leash to walk dog

Watch the full video on our Instagram: Watch it here

Our hands-free leash offers you the flexibility and convenience you need for enjoyable dog walks. Whether you prefer it around your waist, crossbody, as a handle, or for quick tethering, this innovative leash adapts to your walking style and your dog's needs. Try out these methods during your next walk and discover the freedom and ease our hands-free leash can provide for both you and your furry friend. 

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