Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Wildside Dog Gear Affiliate Program!

Welcome to the Wildside Dog Gear Affiliate Program!

Are you passionate about dogs and creating engaging content for your audience? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you!

At Wildside, we're on a mission to celebrate the love and bond between humans and their furry companions. We believe that your genuine passion for dogs and your shared values align perfectly with our brand ethos. Together, we can bring even more value to your platform and spread the love for dogs far and wide.

As a member of our affiliate program, you'll enjoy a host of exciting benefits:

  • Generous Commission Rates: Earn a competitive commission on every sale made using your unique affiliate link or discount code. Get 10% commission paid out in cash (PayPal) for each order used with your code. The more you post the more chance someone will use that code.
  • Exclusive Promotions: Gain access to special promotions and discounts to share with your followers, adding extra value to your content.
  • Insider Access: Be the first to know about new product launches, promotions, and exciting updates from Wildside, giving you a competitive edge in the dog-loving community.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Work closely with our team to develop unique content, giveaways, and campaigns tailored to your audience's interests, fostering engagement and loyalty.

We believe that your unique perspective and passion for dogs will make you an invaluable member of our affiliate program. Join us in spreading the love for dogs and Wildside!

If you're interested in joining our affiliate program or would like to learn more, please apply below.

Thank you for considering this opportunity, and we look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you soon!

Earn By Just Sharing!

Requirements: * Public profile * Dog related IG accounts * Currently following our IG, Facebook & Tik Tok @wildsidedoggear

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