Join the Wildside Ambassador Team!

Love Spending Time with Your Dog? Get Rewarded for It!

Turn your daily dog activities into exclusive perks and rewards with Wildside.

  • Step 1: Join the Pack 🐾

    The process is quick and easy! If you have a public Instagram or TikTok account with 500 or more followers and post at least 3 times a week, you’re eligible to apply. Here’s how you can get started:

    1. Fill Out the Form: Click on the Apply Now button at the bottom of this page and complete the simple application form with your details. Add your email [Here] so we can contact you.
    2. Wait for Approval: We review applications carefully to find the best fit for our pack. You should hear back from us within 7 days.
    3. Get Started: Once approved, you’ll receive all the details you need to start sharing and earning rewards with Wildside! You'll get a coupon code for 40% off your first order!
  • Step 2: Share the Fun 🎉

    Being a Wild Side ambassador isn’t just about gear – it’s about having a blast with your furry friend and connecting with fellow dog lovers! Once you’re approved and receive your unique ambassador code, it’s time to get creative:

    1. Create Fun Content: Share your adventures with Wildside gear in whatever way feels right to you – whether it’s photos, stories, or reels. We love seeing silly, candid, happy, and wild moments that showcase your dog's personality and your love for our products.
    2. Tag Us: Make sure to tag @wildsidedoggear on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook in your posts so we can feature your awesome content!

  • Step 3: Earn Your Rewards 🏆

    For every purchase made through your ambassador link, you’ll earn awesome rewards! Enjoy exclusive discounts on our latest collections, be the first to test new products, and watch as your influence helps other dog parents find the perfect gear for their furry friends. The more you share, the more you earn – it’s that simple and fun!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Become an Ambassador?

If you’re already sharing your dog’s adventures on Instagram or TikTok wearing Wild Side gear, you’re halfway there! We’re looking for passionate dog parents who post at least 3 times a week of their dog in Wild Side Dog Gear. It’s as simple as continuing what you’re already doing – showcasing your furry friend in our stylish and functional gear!

Who Are We?

Hi there, fellow dog parent! I’m just like you – utterly obsessed with ensuring our dogs have the best possible life. That’s why I founded Wildside: to design products that prioritize comfort, safety, and style for our four-legged adventurers.

As a single person running this business, every sale and every ambassador’s support means the world to me. I may not have the resources of the big brands, but I’m here because of and for the community – dog lovers who value quality gear and unforgettable adventures.

By joining our ambassador program, you’re not just spreading the word about Wildside; you’re supporting a woman-owned business and a community-driven mission to make every outing with our dogs exceptional.

Let’s make tails wag together! 🐾

How Are Commission Paid?

We pay our ambassadors via PayPal. Once you’re approved and start promoting Wild Side Dog Gear using your unique ambassador link, you’ll earn commissions on every sale made through that link. Payments are processed monthly to your PayPal account.

What Are the Perks?

As a Wildside ambassador, you’ll enjoy a range of exciting perks, including:

  • Exclusive Discounts: Access special pricing on our latest collections.
  • Early Product Access: Be among the first to try out new gear releases.
  • Commission Earnings: Earn commissions on sales generated through your ambassador link.
  • Feature Opportunities: Get a chance to be featured on our website and social media channels, showcasing your adventures and love for Wildside.

Bonus Perks

  • Get a $5 coupon to use ( you can stack this coupon) by leaving a review on our website with a photo [Here] take a screenshot and email it to
  • Interact with our posts/ads if you see them to be entered in a monthly giveaway
  • Post 10 posts and 10 Instagram stories and get a free collar.
  • Post 10 posts, 10 Instagram stories and 5 Tik Toks get a free leash.
  • Post 15 Instagram Posts, 15 Instagram stories, and 15 Tik Toks- get a $100 gift card to Wildside

*you will need to provide screenshots of your posts

Brand Ambassador

Requirements: * Public profile * Dog related IG accounts * Currently following our IG, Facebook & Tik Tok @wildsidedoggear