Eco-Canvas Collar Care Guide

eco canvas dog collar

Watch the video here! 



How to care for your eco canvas collars 🏖



💧 Rinse throughly with fresh water

💧make sure you rinse the inside of the buckle

💧Rinse between the webbing

💧hang dry indoors



⭐️ tips

- Always remove the collars and let your dogs hair dry completely. Otherwise they can get hot spots- blowing drying them vs air drying will be the best option

- we always bring 2 sets of collars. Just incase the other ones won’t dry  in time. This can happen since the air is so humid and full of moisture


With these recommended tips your eco canvas collars will last for a long time! Don’t worry about the metal rusting -they are made from a marine grade stainless steel!


If you have any question just let us know!