Exploring Southern Utah's Hidden Gems with Your Pups: A Hanksville Adventure

Hey everyone! I'm absolutely thrilled to recount the incredible birthday trip I recently went on with our 3 goldens! Typically, when one thinks of a Southern Utah getaway, it often entails a lengthy 5-6 hour drive. But, did you know that there are closer, less crowded, and dog-friendly destinations just 3.5 hours away from Salt Lake City.

As many of you may relate, as a dog parent, finding suitable dog-friendly places can be quite a task, especially when you have multiple dog you're traveling with. Often, most dog friendly places charge a pet fee for each dog, making the search even more challenging. However, we were fortunate enough to found out about  a hidden gem in Hanksville. Now, you might be wondering, "What exactly does Hanksville have to offer?" Well, if I were to describe it, I'd say it's "a uniquely cool place that almost transports you to another planet in the middle of nowhere!"

I am going to share some of the top tips with you from our trip. Here is a fun 60 seconds recap of our trip on Instagram. Watch here

Top 3 Reasons Why We Absolutely Love Muddy Creek Cabins:

  1. New, Clean, and Spacious: The cabins are charming, newly built ( you can still smell the wood), and generously spacious to accommodate both humans and their four-legged companions.
  2. Convenient Amenities: From hassle-free check-in and check-out procedures to the availability of laundry facilities and a plethora of amenities such as microwave, coffee maker, fridge and a fully stocked bathroom, our stay was nothing short of comfortable and convenient.
  3. Central Location: Positioned centrally, Muddy Creek Cabins offered easy access to everything one might need, whether within walking distance or just a short drive away. Most of the places we visited were conveniently located within a mere 30-minute drive. Many options for dinning: our favorite was Stan's Burger Shak.
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Places We Visited and Handy Tips on Getting There:

Little Egypt:


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You could say this is a miniature version of Goblin Valley, Little Egypt filled with really cool formations. While Google Maps guided gave us directions, we were not prepared to be taken off roading in our Subaru, Ascent. I believe the route we were taken was for ATV's, though manageable with an SUV, it was a tad adventurous! I would recommend using the directions below. Oh, and watch out for those dried plants resembling goat heads; if your furry companions have boots, it’s advisable to have them donned here.

Directions: Departing from Hanksville, Utah, journey southward along Highway 95 for approximately 20 miles until reaching mile marker 20.3 (coordinates N38° 05' 50", W110° 37' 17"). At this juncture, you'll spot a well maintained gravel road intersecting with Highway 95. Turn west onto this gravel road and proceed for about 1.7 miles until you encounter a small spur road veering westward (on your right). Follow this minor spur road for roughly 100 yards until reaching its end,  overlooking Little Egypt. This spot serves as the designated trailhead (coordinates N38° 04' 42", W110° 37' 39").

Leprechaun Slot Canyon:

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If you've never traversed through a slot canyon before, you're in for a treat! This relatively easy 2.2-mile hike offers awe-inspiring views. However, brace yourselves for gusty winds from time to time be sure to check the weather—consider goggles for your pups if there is high wind in the forecast. 

Directions: This slot canyon comprises three parts and is renowned for rock climbing. Simply plug it into Google Maps, but veer past the first trailhead on the left and opt to park at the second trailhead instead.

Purple Mountain:

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Serving as a smaller rendition of Bentonite Hills, Purple Mountain offers mesmerizing views, particularly during sunset when the clay turns blue during blue hour. If you have a drone, bring it! Beware of Google Maps potentially directing you to Bentonite Hills, located an hour and a quarter away. The coordinates for Purple Mountain: 38.41298° N, 110.78326° W. For some reason this is not on Google Maps.

Factory Butte:

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Can you believe Factory Butte dates back 70 million years? It's like stepping into another realm! Easily accessible via Google Maps, though it's advisable to have an SUV or 4x4 for optimal exploration.

Moonscape Overlook:

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Offering a surreal moon or mars ( or moomars ) -like experience, Moonscape Overlook is a must-visit—if you're not afraid of heights, that is! Though I opted to stay away from the edge, many venture out for that perfect shot. Keep your pups leashed, especially if heights aren't your cup of tea.


Goblin Valley:

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We had to visit this State Park while headed back home. This was such a unique place and a great way to end the trip. 

A heartfelt thank you to Muddy Creek Cabins for their warm hospitality for our gifted stay. Run by an amazing couple, Adam and Kat, these cabins are a true testament to their dedication and craftsmanship, with all wood ethically sourced from Redlake National Forest and built by Adam. You can genuinely sense the love and effort poured into this place. 

From breathtaking landscapes to dog-friendly adventures, Hanksville and its offer unforgettable experiences for both you and your pups. Here’s to many more adventures and we can't wait to be back! 

Book your next adventures with Muddy Creek Mining Company.


Candi, Jib, Milly and Winter! 


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