Nominated by Wag App!

Nominated by Wag App!

Wag! Badge  Hand picked Top Pet Brands in 2021 

This March, Wag!, the country’s largest on-demand mobile dog walking and pet care app, has been up to exciting business with Wag! Badge, a contest where Wag!’s promoting and spotlighting top food, clothing & apparel, toy, grooming, dog walking supplies, treat pet brands—allll the way down to spotlighting amazing pet shelters in 2021!  Our team at Wag! handpicked these brands because they’re exceptional at what they do, which is something their clients can attest to as well.  We’re so delighted that we’re teaming up with these pet brands to bring exclusive promo codes and discounts to you! So keep your eyes peeled—you don’t want to miss out! Congratulations and a big thanks to everyone who entered! Read the blog!

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