About Wildside

Seven years ago, I was on a mission to find durable dog gear with adorable designs for my first dog Jib. Standing in the store with my Jib, I was disappointed by the lack of options. Jib deserved gear as charming as he was! Fast forward to today, and I'm thrilled to invite you to join our team. We're crafting dog gear inspired by our pack and adventures together. Are you ready to spread the word and help fellow dog parents discover our products? Let's make tails wag and pups everywhere smile! 🐾 Join us and let's make a difference together! Candi



Duration: Between 20-30 seconds

Direction: We want engaging, authentic and fun UGC videos that show & tell why you and your love Wildside! The goal of this UGC is to drive conversions to get people to to be curious about Wildside and why their dogs need durable dog gear.


  • 1-2 UGC Video ( must be different with different hooks)
  • Raw version with no text overlay or music
  • Ready to post version with text overlay/no music unless it is from the Meta Music Library
  • Vertical format shot in natural light
  • Posting is not required but we always appriecate posts to help grow our brand.
  • A Google drive link will be provided to upload your videos.

Content Guideline:

  • Relax and keep it natural: When promoting Wildside, speak casually like you would to a friend in your own voice and tone. Share your authentic experiences.
  • Be sure to record in a place that is not loud or with a ton of extra sound in the background.
  • Show the products in use not just a static video of the dog in the product
  • Show how the products are used with putting on and taking off
  • Facetime: you and your pup are the star of the show! Shots of you interacting with Wildside products and your dog .
  • All videos MUST have copy (text) overlay that highlights the product benefits/at least one of the "quick talking points"/"messaging suggestions" listed in the brief and royalty- free background music ( no lyrics and or voiceover/narrations. You can use the auto caption option in Capcut to achieve moving text on the screen.
  • Text should not be in the unsafe zone where the caption is shown or the right where the icons are. Text should not cover your face dog or product.

Product Details

Mt. Milly

Click N' Go Harness

Key Points:

  • 4 Adjustable points for the perfect fit
  • Neck buckle: no more slipping the harness over your dog's head. Most dogs hates tis
  • Padded control handle used for quick control on hikes when other hikers are passing by. Assist dogs on rock scrambles. Quick grab in public for any situation so you don't have to grab their collars and choke them.
  • Reflective trim for high visibility at night time for safer walks.
  • Padded to give comfort but also breathable with mesh material
  • Lockable neck buckle for extra safety.
  • Made with premium material
  • Easy to wash
  • Front and back leash attachment.
  • Easy on and off
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Aurora Peak

Comfort Collar

Key Points:

  • Padded for extra comfort for dogs with sensitive necks or everyday use
  • Heavy duty quick release buckle
  • Durable material
  • Easy to wash
  • Extra D ring just for dog tag
  • Box stitching to keep D ring in plus, extra safe feature.
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Aurora Polar Bear

Total Control Leash

Key Points:

  • 6' in length
  • Padded handles
  • Traffic handle for control in busy situations such as a busy hike, public places or crossing traffic.
  • D ring for poop bag holder
  • Swivel leash clip
  • Durable material
  • Easy to wash
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  • A Good Investment

    Dog gear that will last and not have to replace them often. Wildside also have a lifetime guarantee on their product and 30 day return window.

  • No Slip Over The Head

    Most dogs will back away when you try slipping a harness over their head. With the Click N' Go Harness you clip it on like a dog collar. Your dog will thank you for this!

  • Vibrant Yet Functional

    Often times the market does not offer cute/durable dog gear for bigger dogs. At Wildside we want to show off your dog's true personality without compromising on fashion.

Content Directions

Here are some ideas with the content directions

  • Main product is the Click N' Go Harness but will need to show case the collar and leash as well.
  • Three reasons why I love Wildside, pulling from our key points on our products above
  • Problem --> to solution. What has Wildside helped you solve for your pup? ex: do they hate it when you slip a harness over their head? Poor fitting harness? Cheap dog gear?
  • Sizing and fit highlight: offering sizes small to extra large and multi adjustable points.
  • Peace of mind with durable dog gear so you don't have to worry about your dog's safety

Content Inspo

  • You and your pup receiving the package
  • Putting on door gear to head out the door. Filming you step outside from a viewers angle.
  • Show your pup running in action
  • Your pup excited to get their dog gear on
  • Going on an adventure from car to trail
  • Showing bond between you and your pup

Visual Tips

For Videos:

  • Take advantage of natural light , sun glare and avoid harsh shadows.
  • showing how to put on and take off the harness.
  • Include a clip of getting your package
  • Edit out any silence or parts of videos that takes a while to get to the points. Cut cap is a great tool to use by using the split option.
  • For onscreen text, use a style that is easy to read and our brand colors
  • Shot outside when the season allows for it-- we love see pups in action.
  • Keep the background clean and clear of clutter without taking away any uniqueness and personality of your space
  • Avoid including other brands while shooting with Wildside products

For Photos:

  • Capture your dogs personality
  • A mix of steady photos or photos of dog in action
  • Close up with product, imagine the photos being shown to other dog parents on how to use the product.
  • If you are able to get help, photos of you in action with our dog gear. For example: a walk in the park, hikes, out in the city, getting coffee etc.
  • Allow some negative space but not too much usually at the top left/right used for text.
  • If you received all three products: a photo with all 3 products. Harness photos showing the front/back/side. Leash photo: showing how you are using the traffic handle. Dog Collar: showing the logo clearly. Make sure the collar designs shows clearly.

When You Get Your Products

  • Be sure to adjust the harness where it is not too loose. Tighten to the point where you can still slip two fingers underneath comfortably.
  • Don't use the products excessive before you start filming your content
  • Don't show your address or any personal information
  • Do adjust and tuck any loose straps hanging off the harness

✅ Content Examples: Click on the text on each one to show the link for the video examples.

📹 Showing how to put on harness: a good hook, a problem and solution with product demonstration

📹 Showing dog gear in action: human and dog bond, problem and solution, showing the excitement of the dog.

📹 Showing the product clearly they just got in the mail: Showing how to use on dog, talked about key points and showing the product in action with walking outside.

📹 Powerful hook to catch attention the first 2 seconds: Showing the owners face so it is relatable to other dog owners, repeat the brands name clearly, talk about the promo if there is one ( right now it is the new Arctic Summit Collection) add some FOMO such as: don't wait they are selling out fast.

📹 A brieft demo with the product talking about why they made the change. Your example could be: I wanted a dog harness that was more durable and not cheap like my other one. Talked about the key points and used fast forward putting on the harness to get to the point which is walking.

📹 Talking about why they prefer using the dog harness over a collar. You can use this for going on a hike example: talk about the control handle and how you can keep the dog close for control or help them with a rock scramble. Showing the handle being used as one of the key points. Another key point would be how easy it is to get the harness on/off with the neck buckle. For the third point you can pick any of the pick points from above or you can talk about the unique/vibrant designs that's not boring.

📹 An example of how the lighting should look inside. It looks like they have a light source to brighten up the filming. They provided what kind of harness it was, ours is called the Click N' Go Harness. They also compared and said " no more cheap harnesses" that means they upgraded to something better. They talked about 2-3 key points in the video. The start of the hook they started off with a question. She talked at a perfect speed and if you listen there is no deadspace between any of the lines.

📹 From ordering to unboxing, we don't really have pretty poly bags but you can use this as an example of an item arriving, having your dogs fit in to them. Show an example of hooking the leash to the harness, getting the tag on the collar and headed out side for a walk or adventure.

Photo Examples

  • Dog in the product
  • close up of the product doesn't have to have the dog in a full shot
  • product being used by human (leash) in action and close up
  • photos of how the product is being used
  • photos of key features of the photos
  • product photos with nature elements

  • ✅ Do's

    • Must show the product and your dog in the video
    • Ensure the logo is visible in the video
    • Must only use royalty-free music from the Commercial Music Library: Tik Tok or Facebook
    • Videos should be uploaded to the Google link provided without any watermarks
    • Do cut out and edit out any dead silence
    • Video should be 20-30 seconds
    • Video must include copy (text) overlay. Copy (text) must be in the top half of the video
    • Only refer to the brand as Wildside not Designs by Wildside
    • Do make sure your dog is neatly groomed and wipe away any discharge from their eyes
    • Do have fun and get creative!
  • ❌ Dont's

    • Don't show product loose on the dog
    • Don't show the dog pulling excessily on the harness
    • Don't show the dog pulling from the front d ring where the harness is twisted
    • Don't use auidoe that is not included in the Commerical Music Library
    • Don't feature any other brands or logo
    • Don't submit your vidoes with a watermark
    • Don't make any health guarantees, everything should be based on your experience
    • Don't copy overlay in the bottom half of the video


A harness, collar and leash set and $50 gift card to our store. Value of $190.

Apps & Tips


  • For editing we like using Capcut, this app is free and easy to use. If you need some with this app, Youtube is a great place to learn. A feature we use a lot is 'split' this cuts out any dead idel time in your clips.
  • When exporting from Capcut use these settings: 1080P and no Capcut watermark.
  • Facebook Ads library to look for inspirations
  • Tik Tok Creative Center:


  • Think of a skit and write it out line by line
  • Film with no voice first and use voice over after. So this way you don't have to record again if you made a mistake.
  • Write down each scene with the line to make sure it will fit size wise. What I have noticed in the past is sometimes I'll talk too much and not enough time for the scene that is only a few seconds.

If you have any questions please shoot me an email! candi@wildsidedoggear.com

Interested in sharing our products and earn store credit? Apply here!

Apply Here: Please include your instagram handle and links to any examples you have for UGC