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K2 Mountain Rust Proof Dog Collar (Black)

K2 Mountain Rust Proof Dog Collar (Black)

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🏖️ All Weatherproof: From sandy beaches to muddy hikes, and through cold winters to hot summers, our all-weatherproof dog collar is your pet's resilient companion—resisting mildew and odors for a fresh and reliable experience in any adventure.

🫧 Easy To Wash: From mud to 💩, our collars are easy to wash to bring them back to life 🌦️

🏋️‍♀️ Active Dogs Approved: A dog collar that can truly keep up with your active pup. 



    • Premium Material To Keep Up With Your Active Pup
    • Easy To Wash
    • Breathable Material


    Size small is being offered with our new collection- Arctic Summit

    Medium- 1" Width: 12"-14"

    Large- 1" Width: 15"-20"

    Extra Large- 1.5" Width: 17.5"-25.5"

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    "I bought this for my husband's dog Bruno. He's a gigantic white pitty who pulls hard on leash. This collar is both beautiful on him and very durable. It holds up well with his rowdiness. And he's clearly very proud of it - look how he shows it off!Thank you for making such a beautiful and quality product!"-Alex, Wildside Customer 

    Your Dog's New Favorite Dog Collar

    Based on 1080 reviews
    Ohana Click N' Go Front Clip Dog Harness | Wildside
    @croutonthetoller (Portsmouth, US)
    Our new favorite harness!

    Arrived quickly, fantastic material and fit. I love how much reflective piping is on this harness as opposed to others. The additional buckle around the neck has a sliding option to lock/unlock for if you don't want to clip it on the neck every time and it can be slid over the head, but I like being able to have a snug fit with the buckle. Comfortable and padded and the handle is easy to grab but doesn't get caught on things as she moves.

    My new favorite harness - and it doesn't hurt that the pattern is cute as a button, too!

    Finally the pawfect fit for the doods!

    I love that we were able to find a pawfect fit for the girls finally! We have been struggling to find something that fits around their chest & neck areas the right way, usually one is too big or too small, but having the ability to update all lengths was awesome & that their harnesses match their collars is a cute added bonus :) Thank you!

    Great quality and highly adjustable

    We love our new harness! My partner is a huge fan since it’s easy to put on and go. He’s insisted I get another for our other dog!

    The fit is great - super adjustable.

    allows your dog full range of motion

    We all know I’m THAT dog mom. Ruger couldn’t wear a collar and all our harnesses slip over the head. Currently, slipping things over his head isn’t a great option for a number of reasons so I reached out to Candi Wong at Wildside Dog Gear because I knew she was making them that didn’t have to slip over the head! She made sure I got the right size for Ruger and got it in the mail fast. It fits great and I don’t have to worry about rubbing his face or snagging his feeding tube trying to shove it over his neck. It’s made sturdy and comes with a handle and a front clip if that’s your preference. This type of design also allows your dog full range of motion with their shoulders, unlike other designs that can restrict movement.

    Dog harness give my girls more freedom

    Dog harness give my girls more freedom without choking. We like the colors

    amazing products and great customer relations

    Earlier this month me and a group went to the One World Canine Obstacle Run event in Anniston, Al. I purchased two of the Aurora Peak harnesses for both dogs we took to match. I have nothing but great things to say. The harness fit both dogs really well and it is hard to find stuff that works well for my odd shaped “hippopotamus” pit bull. Both dogs went the whole day wearing these. ran the 4 mile obstacle course run through creeks, over piles of tires, jumping over giant spools, crawling under grates through the mud, up and down the mountain, etc. the quality and comfort of the harnesses during this big event was very good for both dogs and a big relief for us as the humans who care about our babies.
    I appreciate seeing emails from you with updates about your great company. Will definitely buy more in the future.


    WOW! From ordering to delivery and using on our pup, the experience we've had is incredible. The packaging and quality of the dog harness/collar/leash is TOP NOTCH. Highly recommend!

    Great harness for my reactive dog

    I really enjoy this harness. The handle is really comfortable, and works great when I need to get a more secure grip on my reactive dog when we walk towards other dogs on walks. It fits similarly to our previous harness (Ruffwear Front Range), but I think it is actually even better quality than that one. I also prefer that there is the additional clip on the neck strap, so I don’t have to put my dogs head through the hole in the harness as my dog always hated taking that one off and on because of it (my main issue with our previous Ruffwear). My only suggestion would be to add some more colors/patterns that have color but without pastel accents. I’d love a royal blue with maybe green or navy accent. Or a space theme one would be really cool as well.

    The harness and collar fit well and…

    The harness and collar fit well and were well made. They sent a message to check the sizes before they shipped since I had ordered 2 different ones - great service!

    Amazing for my golden girl!

    I’ve looked for a harness that’ll fit my 90 pound golden lab & this fit the bill. Great quality & I love shopping with small businesses

    2 Mystery Collars for $29 + Free Gift *ALMOST SOLD OUT
    Vinthedood (Virginia Beach, US)

    Quality is always on point!! One of my favorite small businesses to shop from!!!

    Great Harness

    This is such a great harness and I am admittedly super picky about what I want in a harness. It’s well made and the front and back D-rings are super convenient. It doesn’t rub under my boys armpits either which has been common among his past harnesses. And the design is super cute! Happy to have finally purchased after browsing and following on Instagram for several months!

    NEW! Mt. Milly Total Control Leash
    Linda S. (Oneonta, US)
    Can’t get any prettier than this

    Beautiful leash love the vibrant colors seems to be durable and functional looks great on my dog

    So happy!

    The collar is super well made and stands out in a crowd! Would highly recommend to everyone!


    Made with comfort in mind for both dog and parent :)!


    Love how beautiful and durable it is!

    Harness, Collar & Lead

    There’s not enough good things I could say about this set! The colors are so beautiful and vibrant, and the breathable mesh and adjustable straps is perfect for my growing pup! Highly recommend the entire collection!

    Excellent Replacement for Fi Collar

    I bought this because the default collar for the Fi 2 broke in half. Not only is this collar beautiful but it is also strong and durable. I have not had any problems with it and would definitely get another Wildside collar in the future.

    Aurora Peak Rust Proof Collar
    Daisy H. (Vancouver, US)
    Love it! Great quality.

    I love this collar. It’s even more stunning in person. It’s well made with strong material. I hope they eventually have a harness with this design.

    In Love With This Harness!

    This was my first harness from Wildside. I was drawn to it because of the three buckles. Buckles also lock so you can’t just unbuckle. My dog can have bad allergies, so buckling him in a harness versus sliding one on, has been life changing! The top handle on the top of the harness has been helpful for those times my dog gets too spicy during our walks. This harness has been super handy that I bought another one for when this one is needing to be washed. I always recommend to friends. It’s a must buy! Also my dog loves his harness.

    Luna Click N' Go Dog Harness
    B. (Escondido, US)
    Best Harness for my Large Bouvier

    I have looked forever for a harness that is easy to get on and off and sturdy enough that my large hyper dog can use without breaking. This harness is by far the best and makes walking my dog so easy. I love this harness, such a great value for the price.

    Best harness!

    We have many harnesses for our Aussie pup. We have 2 sassy woof ones and we had one that we bought when we got him. Personally this is the best harness and it’s because it’s the easiest to get on. The buckle around the neck has been amazing and the handle on the back is extremely sturdy for when he needs to be held back in a class setting or something similar. It is our go to harness for the car and everything pretty much. If you’re debating like I was do it you won’t regret it. The material is super durable as well and I can tell it will last a long time.

    Luna Adventure Dog Bandana (reversible)
    Day J. (American Fork, US)
    Luna Bandana

    Cute and awesome bandana along with sharing the same name with our oldest fur baby. Can't wait to add more bandanas to our WildSide collection.

    Aela’s Favorite Harness!

    We have had this harness for almost 3 years now and it is still in great condition! We use it all the time and it fits our pup perfect.

    Aurora Peak Rust Proof Collar
    Al M. (Salt Lake City, US)
    So Cute!

    I can definitely see why this collar is a best seller! Our husky, Oz loves it!! This collar is super durable! Highly recommend!


    How do I choose the right size dog harness?

    Choosing the right size harness is essential! Whether it's for your adventurous French Bulldog or your outdoorsy Golden Retriever, we've got you covered. Check out our step-by-step guide to fitting a dog harness correctly, ensuring the best fit for your furry friend’s comfort during daily walks or hiking adventures. Check out our blog post here to ensure you get the perfect fit for your dog's next adventure!

    Can I leave the harness on my dog all day?

    While our harnesses are comfy for walks and training, it's best to give your buddy some break time! Our designs are super comfy, minimizing chafing and discomfort. They're perfect for activities, but your pet might appreciate a breather now and then.

    What is the best way to clean and maintain the dog harness?

    Keeping your pup's harness clean is a breeze! Toss it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with mild detergent, and voila! Avoid harsh chemicals and let it air dry to keep it in top shape for all your adventures. Plus, if you're dealing with any unexpected "adventure remnants" or curious about handling those messy situations, visit our blog on"Why do dogs roll in poop and how to clean it"for helpful tips and tricks. Follow the same washing instructions to keep your harness pristine and ready for more adventures with your furry friend!

    Do front clip or back clip harnesses work better for leash training?

    Front clip harnesses are fantastic for training, gently redirecting your dog's attention during walks. Back clip harnesses offer more freedom for well-trained pups. Need leash training advice? Explore our detailed blog post on"Using a Front Clip vs. Back Clip Dog Harness"for insights. Our front clip designs offer excellent control, while the back clips suit dogs already familiar with walks. Dive into our bloghereto discover more about harness training methods that best suit your furry companion's needs!

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