dog on Christmas day opening presents and making dog enrichment game with wrapping paper

Dog Enrichment with Leftover Wrapping Paper

Unwrap Joy: Holiday Fun with Leftover Wrapping Paper

Unwrap Joy: Holiday Fun with Leftover Wrapping Paper

The holiday season brings opportunities for delightful activities, even for our furry friends! One easy and fun way to engage your dog during this festive time is by using leftover wrapping paper to create a playful game.

How to Set Up the Game:

  • Gather Wrapping Paper Scraps: Collect leftover wrapping paper or rolls.
  • Prepare the Treats: Place your dog's favorite treats or toys inside the paper.
  • Create Wrapped Surprises: Ball up the paper tightly around the treats, ensuring they are securely tucked inside.

Important Safety Note: Make sure your dog doesn't eat the wrapping paper. The paper is just for fun, not for eating!

What Your Dog Will Love: As your furry friend tears into the crinkling paper, they'll uncover hidden treats, enjoying a stimulating and engaging activity that exercises their mind and senses.

Bonding Through Play: Join in the fun! Cheer on your dog as they discover the treats, strengthening the bond between you and your furry companion.

Share the Joy! We'd love to see your dog's excitement! Tag us on Instagram @wildsidedoggear to share the fun moments of your pup unwrapping their surprises.

Wishing You Joyful Moments: This holiday season, add some extra cheer to your dog's day with this simple and enjoyable game. It's a wonderful way to create lasting memories and bring added excitement to your furry friend's holiday celebrations!

Watch the video of our dogs having fun with this game here

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